Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#1 ds106 Name That Single!

Bench Kiss
by Bench Kiss

Discription: Create a design for your favorite song's title without NO WORDS!!

I chose this topic because it would be a good start for the first assignment.
I hope you can get the title of this song from this desdign.... the answer is "Umbrella by Rihanna". It could be much easier to put only one image of Umbrella, but I took a risk instead of doing it. It is just because I'd like to make it more interesting. This image is not exacutlly forcused on the only umbrella. However, the construct of light blue and dark is getting attentions from audiences. I also like her face :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

MId term exam

Dersign in the internet have been developing. We lost one of the greatest person who was an amazing creator and designer, Steave Jobs.  He was the one who not only created and sald personal computer but also connected to computer and design, art. His creativity was unlimited and developed our internet and lives.

As you know, iPhone has been adapted to our lives. iPhone is completelly different from mobile phone. It could be defined as between phone and computer. After the development of the personal computer, people are getting their own mobile phones.

Blog about iPhone design

History of Steave Jobs

Influences of Apple design

iPad and iBook G3
iPad and iBook G3

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weekly Blog #2

I was supposed to write many sentences instead of simple words and phrases...I hope you get some ideas from this power point. Anyways...I'm glad to know how to post pictures, videos, and a powerpoint on my blog. This is what I want to learn in this class! It is really helpful for my life=)

Test for Mid-term ;)

1) open the new post
2) open the flicker
3) click "search"-> "Advanced search"
4) search any photo
5)  click "share"-> "Grab the link"
6) copy the link
7) paste the link on "Edit HTML"
8) put the title of the photo
9) check the "Compose"

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pop-Cultuer --- Gssip in Technology

Almost of all pop-culture appears to be related to technology somehow. Such technlogy has not only supported to pop-culture, but has been pop-culture itself. In this blog, I would like to forcus on a relationship between gossip and technology.


Gossip &Technology

SIC Fall 2011

Gossip #1

Tomomi Sano

What is the Gossip..!?

Informal talk, conversation, rumor, or stories about other people’s  private lives

They may be true or not

Gossip Is Everywhere…

People---family, friends, peers, others

Media--- magazines, TV, music, 

                    photos, news, books…etc

Internet---SNS( Facebook, mixi, twitter…)

                     You-Tube, online magazines/news



Stories about…

Singers, Actors/Actresses/Celebrities

Sports/Sports players







Technology in The Internet?







Space science


iPhone 5 Is Coming Soon!?

After iPhone 4 was appeared, people especially Apple funs began talking about the next phone “iPhone 5”



Researching about iPhone5 based on media

üFinding out the newest information 

“iPhone5 Japane5,590,000 results

Writing the story

Taking/editing photos/video

üFree to talk/publish gossip

Posting the gossip on

     onlinenews , blog, Twitter, Facebook, You-Tube

üExchanging ideas/feedback/comments between the writer and readers

Influences on Economic


KDDI (au)