Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Final Exam---Blog Post Section

Copy Right or Wrong

     There is no limitation for creativity instead of copying. As we did in CIS class, people are seemed to be excited to share their works, feedbacks, and even personal daily lives with others through the spread of social net working servises. Other interenet servises such as You-Tube, Flickr, and Google, providing opportunities and places to share their works and knowledge also are remarkably spreading for educational purposes as well. Today, you can find almost everything that you want in the internet. Even if you were not able to find them, you could easily create, copy, or steal them  from others in the internet. It is true that the internet has both positive and negative aspects depending on how people use them.  For example, copying something from someone else'sand use them for business is basically  illigal. However, if the owner is showing its attribution to allow others to use it, and then, everyone can use it legally. The creative commons license is supporting rights of creators' works, knowledges, and creativity by showing licenses and attributions to allow others using their works bases on each level of licenses. Although most people probably have seen the creative commons license's marks in many advertisements, not quite a few audiences do not know the meaning of mark. While the consept of the creative common licernse is meaningful to protect and respect the right of creativity and works, the benefits of creative commons license still do not outweigh its disadvantages.
Creative Commons*1

   Even though the creative commons shows creators' attributions, the degree of familiarity with the license is so low that people still do copy and take something from others. The consept of creative commons license is helping artists' creativity, knowledges, and works and protect them to be copied by audiences. In order to protect them, they show attributions with some levels depenting on how mach creaters allow to share.  CC BY is the most free for audiences to copy and adapt it. Through BY-SA, BY-ND, BY-NC, BY-NC-SA, and CC BY-NC-ND is the most limited to copy and be protected well.

  • Attribution (CC BY)

  • Attribution Share Alike (CC BY-SA)

  • Attribution No Derivatives (CC BY-ND)

  • Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC)

  • Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike (CC BY-NC-SA)

  • Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives (CC BY-NC-ND)

  • ((->details about each levels and meanings))2*

    As creative commons license states, showing artists' attribution to allow to share is more useful and helpful for not only creaters but also audiences. Audiences might be more able to copy and adapt creaters' works as long as they fallow these attributions. Audiences would still have possibilities to create adapting their works. Instead, the low automatically make limitations to share their works.  (More ditails about creative commons license)3* However, most people/audiences do not know what is for and how to use them. Therefore, while the creative commons license is helpful to protect copy right, many people ignore and copy them.

         Additionally, although it is true that some of creative commons license are protecting artists' rights; artists can also protect their works by themselves without the creative common licenses. According to Pcunix, once artists posted on the internet, their works are supporsed to be autmatically protected based on the low. If artists put the creative coommons license on their works, it means that those artists protects twice/double. Moreover, Pcunix also states that using creative commons license does cause badly. For example, if audiences are finding something by using the "addvansed search", the advanced search hits more works with licenses. Then, audiences who do not know about the license tend to copy them without following the license. Even though they follow the licence, they are also required to post the same license as well. However, many audiences do not fallow them.  Finally, the creative commons allows educational instisutions to use others's works only for educational purporse. http://creativecommons.org/educationHowever, teachers and other users do not mention about the copyright to their audiences, too. The copyright is necessary to protect artists's creativity, but the creative commons license is not effective to protect them.

    1* http://www.flickr.com/photos/jorgeandresem/711148097/
    2* http://creativecommons.org/licenses/

    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    Weekly Blog #3

    We Are All Artists   

    This is what Timmmmyboy said in his presentation.

    YES! WE ARE!! YES! I AM!!!


    If I describe about ART, I would like to put my formula for art... 

    We actually are doing something like an artist, but most things have not been mentioned.
    However, once, we paid more attention and respected them, we could find new arts.

    What we are saying could be a part of arts.
    What we are seeing could be a part of arts.
    What we are making could be a part of arts.
    What we are doing could be a part of arts.
    What we are doing nothing could be a part of arts.

    Our birth and death could be a part of arts...

    For example, 

    Environment  ex) country, community, nature, family, weather
    Kindergarten Picnic
    By LonlyBob from flickr

    Event . ex) culture, religions, habit..... in this case, picnic
    Kindergarten Picnic
    By LonlyBob from flickr

    Action    ex) part of event but something that are influenced by the event.
    Cooking Class
    By LABabble from flickr

    Focus and Respect ex) if he noticed the action and respected it
    Kindergarten Picnic
    By lonlybob from flickr

    ART  ex)  then, the lunch box could be an art even if riceballs were not smiling;)
    By Koizumi

    so,,, every single thing could be an art...!?

    Ds#106...As Timmmmyboy said, it is one of the best places to share our works. I think ds#106 is a huge campus or a gallery which all artists are connected with each other. There is no limit to be an artist, and everyone get idea from ds#106's assignment and create anything based on the descriptions of assignments!!

    Feel something!!
    Inspire something/someone each other!!
    Respect everything!!

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    #5 ds106 Consumer Mushup

    My final ds106 assignment is Mushup!!!

    ds106 Mashup Assignment120
    Think of anyplace you spend money, and what you most often buy at that place.
    Then redesign their logo to incorporate your favorite product. Do as many as you want.

    I desided to try this assignment after seeing Mai's work;)
    As she said, I also spend my money at seven eleven because I buy food alsmost everyday. Although I do not go H.I.S. many times, I think H.I.S. is the place where I spend most money to travel!!!!

    Highest International Standards, H.I.S., is travel an agent and inurance company. it is well-known as the company providing airline tickets in reasonable price. When I go abroad, I always buy an air ticket in H.I.S., and I had great time in Bali, Arizona and Bangkok with nice guides. I'd like to participate in H.I.S.'s tour again in near future:)

     More Details about H.I.S.

    This is an original logo of H.I.S....

    by HIS

    I'd like to try to redesign the logo!!

    (1) find a new background


    by http://www.flickr.com/photos/randomcliche/

    (2) edit this picture by using two iPhone's apprications.

    By  RANSOM LETTERS mbsky      &     IMAGE SQUARE  casio

    Here are my new designes!!

    iPhone's apprications are very useful and reasonable!!
    I cannot use photoshop, but it is seemed that it is better for me to use iPhone apprications instead of photoshop ;p I hope consumers would like them ;)


    Monday, November 21, 2011

    #4 ds106 Haiku It Up !!

    As many as stars
    looked up the winter sky
    got pain on my neck


    Here is the description ds106 Writing Assignment 104 !!

    Haiku is one of poem based on the traditional Japanese style.
    • express in three phrases which consist of 5-7-5 sounds.
    • include at least one season word
    • include kireji--cutting word-- makes a space between phrases or works like a comma/period
    • respect the lingering imagery

    For example...

    This is the best-known Japanese haiku written by Basho Matsuo

    古池や                   蛙飛込む                             水の音
      fu-ru-i-ke ya (5)     ka-wa-zu to-bi-ko-mu (7)     mi-zu no o-to (5)
             old pond . .         a frog leaps in                        water’s sound
    Can you imagine the atmosphere?

    by wikipedia


    In my Haiku, I directly put 'winter' as the season word. It was my first time to write Haiku in English, and I do not know how to separate/count words in each phrase. so I simplly sompose what happened to me last night....I took this picture last night because it was the best condition to watch stars. There were so many beautiful stars in the night.  As you noticed that those small lights in the picture are not real stars. I wish I could take and show you them, so I just took signale and outdoor lamp lights instead. Please pretend stars★〃When I was riding my bicycle from my station for 30 minutes, I looked up sky soooo many times to find Orion and other constellations. After I got at home, I finally got pain on my neck.... ;^(

    I hope you could imagine my situation based on Haiku =)!!

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    #3 ds106 Color Something

    Here is description for Visual Assignments183 !!

    It is only required to color something!!
    This is a good assignment for beginners like me;)
     I found this assignment because I saw my classmate posted it.
    and she did really good job! Thank you for sharing =)

    The top of picture is the original photo which I took in the last summer
    Each color looks almost same but I hope you can feel something different ways
    Darker photo makes me miss the last summer vacation!!

    #2 ds106 Pokemon Card

    It's time to restart to do ds106 assignments!!


    Description for DesignAsignments39 is ...
    "Create A Pokemon card for yourself, whart are they?"

    I don't know how to use the photoshop by using a computer,
     so I made this pokemon card by using some iPhone apprecations.

    (1) chose a photo

    (2) edit the photo by IMAGING SQUARE

    (3) download the wall picture

    (4) cut the first photo and paste on the second photo by Photos Wall

    (5) type and paste