Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weekly Blog #3

We Are All Artists   

This is what Timmmmyboy said in his presentation.



If I describe about ART, I would like to put my formula for art... 

We actually are doing something like an artist, but most things have not been mentioned.
However, once, we paid more attention and respected them, we could find new arts.

What we are saying could be a part of arts.
What we are seeing could be a part of arts.
What we are making could be a part of arts.
What we are doing could be a part of arts.
What we are doing nothing could be a part of arts.

Our birth and death could be a part of arts...

For example, 

Environment  ex) country, community, nature, family, weather
Kindergarten Picnic
By LonlyBob from flickr

Event . ex) culture, religions, habit..... in this case, picnic
Kindergarten Picnic
By LonlyBob from flickr

Action    ex) part of event but something that are influenced by the event.
Cooking Class
By LABabble from flickr

Focus and Respect ex) if he noticed the action and respected it
Kindergarten Picnic
By lonlybob from flickr

ART  ex)  then, the lunch box could be an art even if riceballs were not smiling;)
By Koizumi

so,,, every single thing could be an art...!?

Ds#106...As Timmmmyboy said, it is one of the best places to share our works. I think ds#106 is a huge campus or a gallery which all artists are connected with each other. There is no limit to be an artist, and everyone get idea from ds#106's assignment and create anything based on the descriptions of assignments!!

Feel something!!
Inspire something/someone each other!!
Respect everything!!


  1. It was interesting that you break art into five different elements and make an "art" formula by them. Since Tim Owens talked more about the creativity of art and how it works in a daily life rather than the range of art, it's also good that you focus on the physical aspects of a human body from an artistic point of view.

  2. cool post. i liked the pictures and that you relate creativeness to all these things