Monday, November 21, 2011

#4 ds106 Haiku It Up !!

As many as stars
looked up the winter sky
got pain on my neck


Here is the description ds106 Writing Assignment 104 !!

Haiku is one of poem based on the traditional Japanese style.
  • express in three phrases which consist of 5-7-5 sounds.
  • include at least one season word
  • include kireji--cutting word-- makes a space between phrases or works like a comma/period
  • respect the lingering imagery

For example...

This is the best-known Japanese haiku written by Basho Matsuo

古池や                   蛙飛込む                             水の音
  fu-ru-i-ke ya (5)     ka-wa-zu to-bi-ko-mu (7)     mi-zu no o-to (5)
         old pond . .         a frog leaps in                        water’s sound
Can you imagine the atmosphere?

by wikipedia


In my Haiku, I directly put 'winter' as the season word. It was my first time to write Haiku in English, and I do not know how to separate/count words in each phrase. so I simplly sompose what happened to me last night....I took this picture last night because it was the best condition to watch stars. There were so many beautiful stars in the night.  As you noticed that those small lights in the picture are not real stars. I wish I could take and show you them, so I just took signale and outdoor lamp lights instead. Please pretend stars★〃When I was riding my bicycle from my station for 30 minutes, I looked up sky soooo many times to find Orion and other constellations. After I got at home, I finally got pain on my neck.... ;^(

I hope you could imagine my situation based on Haiku =)!!

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