Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#3 ds106 Color Something

Here is description for Visual Assignments183 !!

It is only required to color something!!
This is a good assignment for beginners like me;)
 I found this assignment because I saw my classmate posted it.
and she did really good job! Thank you for sharing =)

The top of picture is the original photo which I took in the last summer
Each color looks almost same but I hope you can feel something different ways
Darker photo makes me miss the last summer vacation!!


  1. Good job Tomomi! I liked the way you colored the flower in dark tones. I can see you miss last summer vacation from just looking at the work you did. Guess you had a really good time:) Where did you take this photo by the way? It also reminds me of the famous picture drawn by Vincent van Gogh. :)

  2. Hey Tomomi! great job! I like sunflower a lot cuz I like the seed :D it's really famous in my country and everyone likes it! I like what you did with the colors, but the flowers looks a bit sad when it is dark :(

  3. I really like the way your work has come along during the semester. You are picking up some good skills and have made some stunning images.

    I enjoyed reading your write up of the process.