Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#1 ds106 Name That Single!

Bench Kiss
by Bench Kiss

Discription: Create a design for your favorite song's title without NO WORDS!!

I chose this topic because it would be a good start for the first assignment.
I hope you can get the title of this song from this desdign.... the answer is "Umbrella by Rihanna". It could be much easier to put only one image of Umbrella, but I took a risk instead of doing it. It is just because I'd like to make it more interesting. This image is not exacutlly forcused on the only umbrella. However, the construct of light blue and dark is getting attentions from audiences. I also like her face :)


  1. I really love the photo choice. I love the colors used to emphasize the umbrella.

    I kinda wish that you didn't put the answer already in the description. The assignment is Name that Single, and the audience, us, we want to try and guess that single. That's where the fun is C:

    None the less, good job!

  2. I like the image you chose too. It really draws my eyes in.

    I'm afraid I never would have figured this on out as I'm not familiar with Rihanna's work.

    Do you recommend Umbrella as a good introduction to her music. Now, I'm actually kind of curious. Why is this your favorite song?

  3. Like Mayumi and Professor Lockman said, I love this picture as well! I couldn't find the answer first without reading though. It's interesting assignment so I would love to do this :) good job!